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Zombie is a petite dilute calico who is a complete lovebug. She will roll over for a tummy rub the minute someone stops to pet her. Zombie has the most adorable zombie gait due to a condition know as cerebellar hypoplasia, or more affectionately referred to as wobbly cat. Her symptoms are lack of coordination of her back legs. Zombie is a very happy, healthy and energetic cat who is expected to live a long and healthy life. She doesn`t mind small to medium sized dogs and even enjoys playing with puppies. It took a while for Zombie to decompress in her foster home but now she is interacting with the other cats. For more information on wobbly cat/cerebellar hypoplasia visit: https://vetmed.tamu.edu/news/pet-talk/wobbly-cat-syndrome/
Shelter Code: C24-4511
Breed: Calico
DOB: 2019-01-24
Sex: Female

Good with Cats: No
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes
Housetrained: Yes

Adoption Fee: $ 100

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